Free step-down re-sampling adjustment for multiple testing in linear regression

This brief post presents a function to implement the free step-down re-sampling p-value adjustment for multiple-testing for regression models. It is an adaptation of the R code presented in Foulkes (2009, pp. 114-119), but it implements the minP method in addition to the maxT method.

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Moderation with a multicategorical moderating variable

UPDATE: Please see the following post for an all-in-one solution: RePROCESS Model 1

This post was was inspired by Nicholas Michalak’s Novum R-ganum blog posts on reproducing Hayes’ PROCESS Model 1 in R. He has two posts where he presents the R code for examining a continuous × continuous moderation and a dichotomous × continuous moderation.

However, a quick Google search suggests a paucity of information for conducting moderation analyses using a multicategorical moderating variables.

Therefore, this post will outline how to run the PROCESS Model 1 with a multicategorical moderator (M) in R. We will examine how to code the M variable,  simulate some data, run the PROCESS analyses in both SPSS and R, and compare the results from both software packages.

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