Moderation with a multicategorical moderating variable

UPDATE: Please see the following post for an all-in-one solution: RePROCESS Model 1

This post was was inspired by Nicholas Michalak’s Novum R-ganum blog posts on reproducing Hayes’ PROCESS Model 1 in R. He has two posts where he presents the R code for examining a continuous × continuous moderation and a dichotomous × continuous moderation.

However, a quick Google search suggests a paucity of information for conducting moderation analyses using a multicategorical moderating variables.

Therefore, this post will outline how to run the PROCESS Model 1 with a multicategorical moderator (M) in R. We will examine how to code the M variable,  simulate some data, run the PROCESS analyses in both SPSS and R, and compare the results from both software packages.

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Bootstrap Mediation Analyses

Below is the R code for conducting mediation analyses using the bootstrap method detailed in Preacher and Hayes (2004). Please note that my function uses the bias corrected and accelarated (BCa) confidence intervals, whereas their SPSS and SAS macros use the bias corrected (BC) confidence intervals. However, they should yield similar results.

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